My Introduction to Bitcoin on Business Insider

BitcoinBusiness Insider has republished an (edited) version of an Introduction to Bitcoin talk I gave to a professional conference last year. You can find the original, unedited version on

The comments thread is particularly interesting, and I have responded to a number of them, attempting to address a the common concerns, questions, and misinformation people have about Bitcoin.

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Man Exonerated for Rape That Never Happened

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I once sat on a jury where over half of my fellow jurors would have convicted the accused (a hispanic male) on the testimony of a single female accuser. There was no physical evidence presented. Not even photos of the alleged crime scene where property was allegedly damaged. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is supposed to be the standard of evidence required to call someone a criminal in our society. But when I asked my fellow jurors why they would convict a man based on the testimony of a single individual, the seven of them that would have convicted, mostly female, replied “Why would she lie?”

You don’t have to know why people lie, to know that they do.

The Innocence Project

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Ron Weinland: Failure

Last month I sent an e-mail to Ron Weinland, yet another deluded “prophet of God” who has been discussed at length on my blog before. Ron had the balls to predict a specific date for the Return of Jesus, which to his credit lends his prognostications the attribute of falsifiability. Unfortunately for him, that date was last Sunday, May 27, 2012.

Ron Weinland False Prophet

Weinland has previously stated that he would admit his wrongdoing and apologize if his prophecies fail to come to pass:

Some can’t wait for me to say that I am not a prophet or to say that I’m a false prophet. Indeed, no one has long to wait, do they? May the 27th 2012 is not too far away. And if Europe hasn’t arisen by early 2012 and if China does not begin destroying the earth before that date, then the reality would be manifest much sooner. Obviously. You have to wait until 2012. Then the question that they ask “What would I do?”

Well, first I’d repent before God and the church. I’d acknowledge my sin and pray that God have mercy on me for being so horribly presumptuous. Candidly, I’d deeply repent of all those things that concern prophecies that I’ve given in the office of a prophet.

On the strength of this, I wrote him the following message last month (to which I received the standard faceless autoreply.)

April 30, 2012


I grew up in Armstrong’s WCG, believing we were living in the last days. I grew up during the Cold War, having nightmares of nuclear armageddon. I was a true believer from my childhood and later, a baptized adult member. And, I still live in the world today: I see the ongoing threat of humankind to itself. So, I think I understand what you’re going through now. And, I just wanted to say a couple things to you.

I think you’re sincere in your “prophecies.” I think that, right now, you really think you are one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation, and that somehow, in just a month, a whole bunch of things must surely come to pass that will astound the world and prove you and your God ultimately right.

However (and I’m sure you realize this already) I don’t think it will happen. I don’t have faith: I only have evidence and reason to go on. So please forgive the presumption of what I’m about to say, as I know you don’t agree.

When May 27th passes with just the typical unrests and instabilities in the world that humankind has always experienced (albeit reported instantly by the electronic media) and when you and you wife wake up on May 28th and Jesus still hasn’t returned, and when you watch the sun set on the evening of the 29th, I hope you will finally turn from the ways that so many of your predecessors have trodden before you… the ways of self-righteous denial that Yisrayl Hawkins and Harold Camping, and yes, even Herbert Armstrong (although his predictions were not nearly as precise as yours) have trod… they who said that, in all their earnest calculations about the precise day of the End, they simply forgot to carry the 1— and that God’s word is true even if they, God’s “true endtime prophets”, somehow got it wrong. Or, that God has decided to show mercy for the “sake of the elect,” or other such hogwash. I hope that after reflection, and being a seeker of truth, you’ll come to see the need for a quite different path to your life: the path that begins with you awakening to the fact that you have been living and teaching a lie… the path that continues with a thoughtful examination of how you came to fall into a trap that has ensnared so many others… the path leads to an ongoing dedication to healing the harm the lies have caused, and educating others on how to avoid repeating the lies and mistakes.

You wrote, “There are many examples of events in the lives of God’s people that did not seem reasonable to them and to those around them.” That is because these stories of “God’s people” are myths, so of course they are unreasonable— even to the fictional characters that inhabit them. When viewed from that context, the only thing that is truly unreasonable about them is that some people still believe them. You know exactly what I’m talking about: the story of Muhammad riding to heaven on a winged horse, or Joseph Smith scrying the Book of Mormon from hieroglyphics etched into golden plates, are completely unreasonable to you too, yet millions of people believe them literally. After May 27th, I hope you will pause, step back, and see the world from that larger perspective. From that vantage, you will see that you have been preaching a myth exactly like all the others. If you can see that (and I fully understand how big an “if” that is) I hope you will discover the strength to admit it: to yourself, your wife, and your followers. If you do, I applaud you in advance: I think admitting a delusion is one of the bravest things anyone can do.

Since 1995 I’ve run a web site for former WCG non-believers. It is a chronicle in the words of people like you and me, of the harm experienced at the hands of other believers (usually) sincerely living the lie. Their expressions of pain and anger are part of their healing. I have also seen former ministers go through the posts there, leaving heartfelt comments sincerely apologizing for their role in harming others in the name of God. Clearly, they have learned their lesson and are now living better lives.

I also want you to know that there is a thriving, growing, and vibrant community of former-believers who have moved beyond the myths: who love and live their lives to the fullest. They have healed, and they are ready to help you heal and find purpose… once you’re ready to admit the lie. I know that time isn’t quite yet— you have a big day of reckoning just ahead of you. But your opportunity is coming quickly.

After May 27th, if you want someone to talk with or correspond with, my contact information is below. I’ll be there for you.

Best wishes,

Robert McNally

Despite my plea, and despite his Ultimate Prophecy’s spectacular failure, he has apparently decided to maintain his public wall of denial and assert that he is still God’s True Prophet. This is a quote I have transcribed from his Pentecost sermon (link to MP3) that he posted on Sunday (17 minutes in):

So what about us? Well, Pentecost 2012 is proving to be incorrect as the date of Christ’s return. Because deep down inside I still hold to a desire that somehow on this day these things could still come to pass; that somehow, because the time zones haven’t completely gone around the world that perhaps somehow God would intervene and change this; that if there be some other way that it could still happen this way. But I feel I know where it’s going. And so I still have that hope— a desire— to the end of this day in the Earth, and the beginning of Pentecost, the last portion of the timing that goes around the Earth. So if indeed, as it appears that it’s headed that way, Pentecost 2012 has proven to be incorrect as the date for Christ’s return,does that make everything else untrue? Does that negate the fact that I am God’s prophet and apostle at this End Time? Absolutely not!

Now that Weinland’s own words have revealed the depth of his insanity, I of course expect nothing but more of the same drivel from him forever— he is a lost cause and therefore I can now happily ignore him, knowing that those who search for his name on the Internet will see all that has gone before and have the tools they need to make up their own minds.

In fact, at this point I have decided to retire from calling out false prophets entirely. I’ve made my point and gotten it out of my system. I have better things to do with my life.

However, I would make a final plea to anyone religious reading this: Weinland’s path took him to an obvious cliff of failure— one that is easy for the religious and non-religious alike to ridicule. But although you may smugly quote from Matthew that “No man knows the hour“, you really should consider that those still firm in their apocalyptic faith (which pretty much includes the vast majority of Christians who believe that these are the “End Times” and Jesus is “coming soon”) have no more to go on than Weinland did. Sadly their path never ends but only leads, generation after generation, deeper and deeper into the woods.

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Hacker Wisdom

Hackers built the Internet. Most of them don’t break into your computers or send you viruses or spam— cybercriminals do that, and hackers, in general, aren’t malicious. Hackers do neat things, and they like to share what they know with other hackers. Many hackers are programmers, but relatively few programmers are hackers. Hackers are often makers, activists, artists, pranksters, or social engineers. Sometimes hackers are well known, and sometimes they are anonymous. Hackers are passionate.

Experienced hackers are wise.

Hence my latest microblog: Hacker Wisdom

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You Don’t Need “More Wisdom” But Here It Is Anyway

Raised as a Christian, I was often struck by some of the great wise sayings I found in the Bible, particularly in the Book of Proverbs. Some of the wisdom I learned from the Bible has withstood the test of time in my life, while other things I found there have not. But the fact that I had collected a number of valuable “gems” of wisdom from the Bible eventually put me on a course to begin collecting what I consider “timeless” wisdom from many sources— valuable ideas that I would wish to return to over and over to admire, to master, and to pass on to my children and the world. Considering the wide variety of sources, I decided to make each of these thoughts my own, paraphrasing them in simple, modern English in the form of maxims or aphorisms— terse, straightforward sayings stated with a minimum of poetry for its own sake.

At some point in reviewing my growing collection, I realized that the value I derived from it lay not in collecting more and more of it, but in consistently applying even a few of the principles it contained. “All the wisdom in the world,” I thought, “is useless unless I actualize it in my life, and even one successfully actualized maxim is more valuable than simply knowing a thousand.” This thought, paraphrased, became my First Law of Wisdom:

You will benefit more from applying the wisdom you already know than you will from learning more wisdom.

Wisdom collecting is a great hobby. But unlike most other collecting hobbies— bird watching, rock hounding, stamp collecting and the like, there is a deeply practical aspect to having a personal collection of wisdom that you actually study and attempt to apply. So, I encourage everyone who reads this to create your own personal wisdom collection. As for my own collection, I’ve started publishing it in a new blog here:

Many of my maxims are easy to agree with, but harder to put into practice. People I’ve shown them to find a few of them difficult to accept (particularly if they’re from a religious worldview) but I stand by them nonetheless.

Agree or disagree, I invite you to leave questions or commentary of your own on the individual maxims at More Wisdom, and I’ll be happy to respond there. I will not respond to comments on particular maxims here.

Right now I’m publishing about one a day to catch up with my collection so far, but that will slow at some point, and I’ll put out one every week or two. If you use an RSS reader, I recommend subscribing to the feed so you don’t miss any.

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Know Thy Big Five

The 300-question IPIP-NEO personality inventory takes its place alongside the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (I’m an ENTJ) as something I think everyone should do to learn more about themselves and how they relate to others. It is based on the theory of the Big Five personality traits.

This is a summary of how I scored:

  • I’m very open to new experiences, but not highly emotional or particularly adventurous.
  • I’m quite conscientious, but only of average self-discipline and reasonably cautious about my decisions.
  • I’m a strong extravert, but I’m definitely no thrill-seeker.
  • I’m generally agreeable, but quite immodest about my own abilities and achievements.
  • I’m non-neurotic (emotionally stable) but I have typical cravings I have to contend with and I’m average in coping with stress.

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Prepare (Yet Again) To Meet Your Doom

Ig Nobel prizewinner Harold Camping is still firmly predicting the end of the world on October 21— a little over two days from the time of this writing… never mind that his previous two predictions came to naught. From the Family Radio web site:

Thus we can be sure that the whole world, with the exception of those who are presently saved (the elect), are under the judgment of God, and will be annihilated together with the whole physical world on October 21, 2011, on the last day of the present five months period. On that day the true believers (the elect) will be raptured. We must remember that only God knows who His elect are that He saved prior to May 21.

So… this is cool! It’s like God’s given us each a lottery ticket and on October 21 we’ll all simultaneously scratch off the little silver spot with a coin and find out which of us are the lucky winners. Like a real lottery, most of us will be losers of course, and this is… The Lottery of DOOM! Even Camping himself isn’t positive he won, but he’s confident the little piece of cardboard he’s clutching is… really important, somehow. Pity he doesn’t realize that all he’s got is just a worn ticket stub to a cheesy B-movie we’ve all seen over and over on late-night reruns.

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Homework for Believers

When many religious believers I’ve met learn that I am an atheist and former Christian, they earnestly try to debate or proselytize me back into the faith. They assume that I haven’t heard the right gospel, or that I hate God, or that I am in some other kind of denial. Unfortunately, even when they think their evangelical training has prepared them to deal with unbelievers, I have found that they are invariably in a state of woeful ignorance: their training lacks one major thing, and that is an understanding of atheism from the atheist’s perspective. I don’t use the term “ignorance” pejoratively— it’s a natural state we all go through, and in this age of Information Overload I am an advocate of Choosing Your Ignorance. Nonetheless, if you want to be taken seriously on a given topic, you can’t afford to start out your part of the conversation from a position of ignorance— in order to get a seat at the table you need to do your homework on what’s gone before.

So I’ve decided to create this little bibliography to which to send believers who clearly have not done their homework before attempting to engage me in theological discussion. If you’re a believer and not acquainted with a good cross-section of this material, then it’s nothing personal, but you really aren’t worth my time.

Read through these foundational Internet resources that were a strong influence on me when I was struggling with my own faith:

Read a bunch of my own blog posts. (There are many more related posts here, just check the Philosophy tag— these are some of my own more substantial writings, ordered more or less by date.)

Watch these videos:

And read a few of these books, many of which are available for free at your public library:

Now, if you’ve done your homework and still have questions or issues you want to discuss, feel free to contact me, but understand that preaching is never welcome.

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