The Evolution of a Place Without Context: Black Rock City Maps

Black Rock City is what Burning Man participants call their temporary dwelling in the desert. Each year it is rebuilt— a nurturing place for the simultaneous release of the creative energies of thousands— and then it is taken down and the playa meticulously cleaned by those same participants, leaving once again only the windswept lake bed.

As this annual ritual repeats, the layout of the city itself has evolved. Below I have collected an example map from each year of Burning Man from 1998 onwards. (If anyone knows of maps from previous years, I would love to include them!)

Each map is linked to the source page, which may have a much larger version.

2006 – Hope and Fear, The Future

2005 – Psyche

2004 – The Vault of Heaven

2003 – Beyond Belief

2002 – The Floating World

2001 – The Seven Ages

2000 – The Body

1999 – The Wheel of Time

1998 – The Nebulous Entity

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