Animusic— Starship Groove in HD

Animusic is a project that sets real music to “virtual instruments.” Technically, it’s all a matter of custom software used to sync animated instruments to a pre-existing MIDI track. So essentially the music itself is controlling many aspects of the animation. The result is an amazing, imaginative, and wonderfully surreal experience for all ages. I have both the original Animusic and Animusic 2 DVDs, and though I think the first is more consistently amazing (perhaps because it was their debut), the second is a worthy followup.

One of the things I love about the “Animusic Philosophy” is that every sound in the song is somehow represented visually in the animation. Even strange, synthy sounds are visualized as lasers or plasma fields.

Animusic is about to start production on Animusic 3, but in the meantime, they’re making an High Definition version of one of their tracks, Starship Groove, available in Quicktime through Apple’s web site. It looks amazing when viewed on a Cinema Display.

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