One night when I was a kid my dad, a professional photographer, took me and my brother Michael out to a dark public park, set up his tripod, and handed us flashlights. For the next couple minutes while he manually kept his camera shutter open, we ran around waving our flashlights around in circles. When the photos came out, they contained an amazing collection of bright swooping streaks that danced through the frame.

Fast forward to 1999 and the sci-fi thriller The Matrix introduces the world to the new photographic method known as Bullet Time, where an array of exposures taken from a row of stationary cameras is digitally stitched into a 3-dimensional sequence in which the camera seems to be capturing incredibly fast action.

Now combine these two experiences, and invite leading grafitti artists to “tag the air” with a spraycan that paints with light, and you’ve got Lumasol. (Notice you can click around their interface to select different artists and viewpoints.)

Update: Their old website is gone, but you can see the original light spray can writing at their new site,

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