The Blasphemy Challenge

The Blasphemy Challenge is a very cool piece of atheist outreach spearheaded by the Rational Response Squad. It’s purpose is not to disprove God, but to confront the taboo surrounding religion and provoke popular discussion.

Watch the Invitation

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A Few Favorite Responses

There are so many good ones! See them all here.

My Own Response

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3 thoughts on “The Blasphemy Challenge

  1. I always love reading the youtube comments. They’re educational. Apparently the Big Bang theory isn’t “thesible.”

  2. Wow nice animations. I’ve been dong research on this blasphemy video thing. IT strikes me as oddly wierd. That you feal so strongly for what you believe (in this case). And you aren’t doomed to an eternity in hell. God knows you. Knows what your true thoughts are on this. If you keep blasphemy till death then yes. But YOur not suddenly finished. So just thought Id share that. If you ever had some regrets