2007: Year of the Inspired Atheist

I have a New Year’s Resolution to announce, and a challenge for other atheists.

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, one thing should be abundantly clear to you: I am an atheist. But as atheism’s detractors will readily point out, and as I will readily agree: atheism per se is purely negative. Atheism is not a philosophy. Atheism is not a life path. Atheism is purely a reasoned challenge to the proposition: Some god exists. In that respect, its importance cannot be underestimated, because the world views, choices, moralities, and politics entailed by the dogmatic theistic beliefs of so many have too long gone without sufficient challenge, and the damage done to humankind has been inestimable. So Religion, as the Greatest of the Dogmatic Superstitions, needs its detractors— it needs to have its flaws repeatedly and boldly exposed. The children need to rise in unison and gleefully point out the Emperor’s obvious lack of raiment. Religion needs to have its rotten foundations steadily undermined until society’s reaction to the rare apologist for these once-dominant delusions is the same we grant to flat-earthers and moon-landing deniers: pity.

But I am so much more than an atheist! If I had nothing to live for other than paltry, pie-in-the-sky superstitions, then my life might indeed be hopeless and without meaning. But…

On that last note, check out Edge.org‘s World Question Center for 2007, asking leading thinkers What are you optimistic about? Why?

So… my New Year’s Resolution is as follows: Over the course of the coming year (and perhaps beyond) while I reserve the right to hold religion’s feet to the fire when necessary, I will strongly emphasize posting to this blog on things that inspire me: things that give me joy, meaning, purpose, and the fire to live my life fully and help others do the same.

I also challenge other atheists to be “out” not only about their atheism, but also about their inspirations.

Let’s make 2007 the Year of the Inspired Atheist!

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