Authority and Obedience

These are two classic experiments in human behavior that everyone should learn about. As children we learn to do (and believe) as we’re told. But to become mature adults, we need to learn to recognize, survive, and constructively reform situations susceptible to rankism and learned helplessness.

The Milgram Obedience Experiment

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7 minutes

One of Stanley Milgram’s basic contributions was, you don’t ask people what they would do given this hypothetical situation, you put them in the situation…
— former “Teacher” in Milgram’s Experiment

Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Study
50 minutes

Anybody can be a guard. It’s harder to be on guard against the impulse to be sadistic, because it’s a quiet rage— a malevolence that you can dam up, but there’s nowhere for it to go…
—Former “Prisoner” in the Stanford Prison Experiment

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