The Nuclear Baby: Overdue

Update for October 13, 2007 here.

Back in January I posted about the House of Yahweh nutjobs based in Abilene Texas, and their “Overseer” Yisrayl Hawkins‘ prediction that nuclear war would start on September 12, 2006

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No wait— that’s only the conception of the “Nuclear Baby” which is due to be born on June 12, 2007

No wait—

As of today, the counter on Yisrayl Hawkins’ web site reads:

Thursday, August 09, 2007

-58 days remaining before the due date for the birth of the Nuclear Baby!

65 days remaining before 4/5 of the Earth’s population is dead because of nuclear war, famine, disease, and other curses of sin.

Yes, that’s negative 58 days. 58 days since nuclear war was supposed to start.

But he hasn’t given up yet. In his sermon of July 14, 2007 (link to MP3— I dare you to sit through this adventure in fearmongering), Hawkins begins by talking about the necessity of taking iodine supplements to ward off the ravages of radiation poisoning from the inevitable fallout. Before too long he gets around to acknowledging the disillusionment sweeping through his flock:

Now, we were talking last week about the Nuclear Baby and of course Cohan Gadalia (sp?) had found some stuff in the hidden code on the delay, and they found two words: one of them was “delay”, and “held back”. And of course I had already found some words in the scriptures because I was wondering why that you are so depressed… I know you were because I got your phone calls and I had men— grown men— big men— calling me and crying over the phone (chuckle) and imagine the women and their tears that are being shed because they couldn’t control themselves, you know it’s under so much pressure. Well I want to show you why and show you what you’re going through because it’s all in the scriptures. I probably should have brought it before this— I know I brought some of it before this. But it’s probably forgotten already, but this time you’ll remember because we’ll tie it in with this time period and the hold-back and what is exactly going on.

Then through the tortured bible codes and numerology that is the foundation of their… unique… predictions, Hawkins proposes that we have 13 weeks (91 days) from July 7, 2007 (7/7/7, get it?) until the nuclear war, mass casualties, and global famine are apparent to all. That’s October 6, 2007 for those of you playing at home, although for some reason they seem to prefer October 13, 2007.

Bible code fragment found on the HOY web site. The caption reads: This excerpt is taken from I Kings 12:22 to Yechetzqyah 20:18. The Bible Code clearly shows the name Bill Hawkins with clusters around it reading: Yahweh has seen, priest, prophet, he will not die, hillbilly (3 times), Okie, buffalo (3 times), bride, rabbi, you are My Witness, But you Yisrayl are My servant and Isayah 41:8. The Bible Code further proves that Yahweh’s last remaining Witness is Yisrayl Bill Hawkins.

Interestingly, Hawkins also mentions in passing that any of his members who still have “entertainment systems” should disable them so they can get their minds right for the end. Hmm… you can get that “news” stuff off of them there entertainment systems too, can’cha?

As Hawkins alternates between lurid descriptions of the horrors of “nucular war” and assurances the House of Yahweh will be saved, he repeats his “13 weeks” prediction:

Could you not just for 13 weeks— go with me for 13 weeks— shut your pleasure off and read these books thoroughly, but put them to use in your everyday life. … I know you’re depressed I know you’re hurtin’. Yahweh has put you under pressure to see whether you will fold or not. …

So there you have it. Make sure your calendars are still marked for October 13, 2007, by which time 4/5 of us are scheduled to be dead.

I predict a good old-fashioned lynching in Abilene if no nukes go off by then… but I could be wrong.

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