The Nuclear Baby: Stillborn

Yisrayl Hawkins, False Prophet

I just couldn’t let October 13, 2007 pass without a mention that four-fifths of the Earth’s population have not died due to nuclear war. The Nuclear Baby is stillborn.

Call it schadenfreude, but I would love to be a fly on a wall in the House of Yahweh right now. Please, if you’re in proximity to the HOY, leave a comment with your take on what’s going on there.

It will also be quite interesting to hear Hawkins’ “post-apocalyptic” sermon MP3 if his webmaster doesn’t desert him.

Truly, if you’re in the HOY and continue to follow Yisrayl Hawkins beyond this point, you’ve got impeccable credentials as a world-class idiot. Too bad there’s so little demand for idiots, except among Hawkins and his ilk.

But it’s not too late! You’ve had an expensive, yet valuable lesson in the need to think for yourself, and you have the rest of your life ahead of you: time to get on with living it.

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266 thoughts on “The Nuclear Baby: Stillborn

  1. it could be, that EVENTUALLY one of the false prophets dates, that something WILL actually HAPPEN..and then the idiots who followed him before, will continue following him..yisrayl hawkins the buffaloer..and he could actually gain new followers..and also the ptb could put the “blame” on yisrayl hawkins if a nuclear bomb does go off..who the hell knows at this is odd that on the sept 12 2006 date, that around that time there were nuclear warheads flown from nd to lousiana, which did not detonate, and all of those involved were killed in mysterious accidents,etc..then the main commander was “fired” or resigned..maybe this info was leaked to buffalobill..beforehand, but the plan thwarted..that is where he got the date from, and maybe his psuedo confidence on abc t.v. about this june 12 08 date was due to some bigwig leaking him is possible that he is in i agree with this theory.

  2. What bigwig told Yisrayl Hawkins that space aliens were going to land in 1997 (Satan and “her” angels)?

    People give Yisrayl way too much credit. He’s just some scruffy guy that read the bible way too much and became delusional. That’s all.

    What will be, will be. Relax, breath deeply and slowly.

  3. oh god, aliens!
    Hey X, I was there when the big alien scare was going on, and looking back, it was truly pathetic. Isn’t it astounding that they actually had elders preaching sermons on the reality of space aliens? That they had us in the sanctuary sitting through videos about them? “These things are real, folks.” I can still hear YH saying. Little green men. Area 51. Abductions. Yeah, right. Jebus!
    I’ll bet the WCOG never went THAT far… Robert?

  4. I’ll bet the WCOG never went THAT far… Robert?

    In the WCG, there were two basic responses I heard over the years when the subject of aliens came up:

    1) There are no aliens: anything people think are aliens are really demons.

    2) If there are aliens, then they are part of God’s plan, but they’re not the “first fruits” of that plan, as the Bible clearly says that we are.

  5. Hey group, sure has been quite lately. Guess it is the calm before the storm. The trial could be as early as August 25th, but as late as sometime in Sept or Oct. I think they are counting on Nuclear War to stop this whole thing. This dragging things out is hard on everyone. He has made the Judge upset with all these lawyer changes and postponements. Anyone else have anything to add. How is everyone doing?

  6. What storm?
    The issue of the fate of YH is such a small matter in the grand scheme of things that I’m thinking it’s best to just forget all about him and go on with one’s life.
    But here’s an idea. If we still want to fool around with an end of the earth scenario, let’s go with the Mayan prediction of December 21, 2012. That gives us a little over 4 years to prepare.

  7. I guess I am a bit too involved to move on granddaughter is at stake and will be watching all of this unfold as it goes on. The storm is for the HOH, as they think they are so protected and untouchable. I guess they think the messiah had a lawyer too…what a joke. Anyway, it is why I posted to see what kind of support may still be there for the child involved in the Yedidiyah case and how YH keeps changing the attorneys and dates. I am more on the inside looking out, as far as the children are concerned.

  8. I presume you all know by now that he was found GUILTY by a jury of his peers! October 27, 2008. search for Yedidiyah Hawkins. Sentencing will be in December sometime. I knew it, great job and congrats to the District Attorney of Callahan County, Shane Deel. Yisrayl is next! That should be an interesting case too!

  9. I would gladly let Yedidiot go if that would put Yisrayl in prison for life. The list of his crimes is endless, but I’m still afraid the bigger slimier fish will get away.

  10. please my name is Joshua from Ghana and in our country we dont have the correct bible i need i bible which contain the name of Yahweh because in Ghana we don’t have only the fake and am pastor so help me to get an bible please seek and send me a bible written an it Yahweh
    please this is my address
    ZIP CODE 00233
    my name is johshua s senyo

  11. Joshua,

    You will be much better off asking for Science, Agriculture, Computer Network and for fun maybe Mesopotamian mythology books than asking for bibles with the name Yahweh in it.

    A Yahweh bible will only feed into a primitive superstitious world view that will not help you overcome your challenges.
    In fact, it will directly harm you because you will be fearful, you will think that everything around you is either from Yahweh or Satan. You will be scared to offend the god Yahweh and you will think your challenges are from Satan. This mentality will cause you to make poor judgments.

    Get some grounding in science and then explore Bronze Age belief systems as a hobbie.

    P.S. I’m not from the devil and I’m in no way aiding, or aided by the devil.


  12. Hey X,
    Not sure Joshua is legit. But anyway, didn’t you know that HOY send “missionaries” to Ghana once? I think it was Ghana. Don Warden went over there somewhere to spread “the Word,” the poor devils. It was 20 years ago or so.

    Is Hawkins in jail yet, where he belongs?

    I await the day.

  13. Why wouldn’t this supposed pastor apply to, hmmmmm, what would make sense?—-The House of Yahweh?—–for his bibles? LOL!
    No, he appears on an atheist site?

  14. WAIT!
    “Assemblies of Yahweh”!!!!?
    They are a direct competitor to the HOY for universal truth!
    Please, Josh, get your sources straght!
    The Assemblies simply replaced Yahweh for God in their bible.
    HOY however, has practically rewritten scripture.
    The BOY is a whole other animal.