Ronald Weinland: Prepare (Again) To Meet Your Doom


Ron Weinland appears to be cut from the same cloth as the same false prophet I grew up under: Herbert W. Armstrong. I’m laying 99.99% odds that he’s just as false.

Here are the pivotal claims given on the last page of his freely-downloadable book, 2008 — God’s Final Witness:

By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, or it will have begun its collapse and no longer exist as an independent nation within six months after that time. There is a marginal, six-month window of time that God has not yet revealed concerning this specific moment of time. This will be revealed some time soon after the distribution of this book begins.

As the spokesman of God’s two end-time witnesses and as His end-time prophet, I have fulfilled my responsibility in placing the contents of this book before you. What you do with it is up to you. Indeed, only a very short time remains before it will be evident that I am who I say or that I am not. In the past 1900 years, have you ever read or heard of a publication from any religious leader who has made such claims, laying out such a precise pattern for the near future with such precise timelines? You have not! This is the evidence (witness, testimony) of the true God of Abraham!

Actually, I have, Ron.

And here is an excerpt from a radio interview Weinland gave on August 12, 2007.

Ronald Weinland: We have about six months to a year before we come to a point where currencies have no value; they’re going to crash. We’re also going to come to a point in time here where there’s going to be a great deal of destruction, especially in the United States. As soon as that’s taken place, there will be the beginning of a war. Europe is going to step in and try to take control of matters. They don’t want the United States especially, to do some of the things they’re doing right now in Iraq and Afghanistan and so forth. … After Europe starts doing what they do, a year later China and Russia combine together in Asia to battle Europe. And that is an escalation of World War III. World War III begins when Europe begins to do what they’re going to do. After that, a year later, sometime Russia will step in, and it’s a great nuclear war. …

Interviewer: So the world isn’t going to end next year, that’s just the beginning of the end phase?

Ronald Weinland: Exactly. It lasts for 3 1/2 years.

Interviewer: … So by 2012 it will all be over.

Ronald Weinland: That’s correct, and there will be a new world here.

Interviewer: Listen Ronald, I’m going to call you again towards the end of time and say, “Ronald, you were wrong,” or I’m going to say, “Ronald, you were right.”

Ronald Weinland: Just call me about April next year.

Don’t worry, Ron— I will.

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