Ron Weinland: Discussion Part 5

Welcome to the fifth Ron Weinland discussion thread!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this about?

A. Ron Weinland is either the One True Prophet of God, or just another false prophet. He’s getting a lot of attention right now as he says that the Great Tribulation spoken of in Revelation will start to hit us on April 17, 2008, and that America won’t even be able to put a new President into office next year. Ron Weinland preaches a theology closely derived from that taught by Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God (WCG) before their big merge with “orthodox” Christianity. See Part 1 for more information and links.

Q. Is Weinland a cult leader?

A. I reject the use of the term “cult” and I suggest you do too. It is most often used as an ad hominem attack on any religion one disapproves of, the result being to lower the quality of discourse. While some have compiled lists of traits that “cults” have, I have found that these can also usually be applied to much more popular and accepted sects, so to me this is also an unfruitful approach. These qualities can be used to identify sects that are more or less virulent at this time, but there is no objective “tipping point” where one sect deserves the epithet “cult” while another does not.

Q. Can I preach here?

A. No. Your comment will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

Q. What do you call preaching?

A. It’s a judgment call. This is about having a multi-way dialog, not you getting up in front of an audience and “letting us have it.” Posting a single scripture without comment is definitely preaching. The longer a comment goes without sounding like it’s really part of the conversation, the more likely I will judge it as sermonizing and remove it.

Q. You say you’re an atheist, but have you considered…?

A. Probably. E-mail me about it, but don’t bring it up in the thread:

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