Carnival of the Godless #87

Welcome to the March 16, 2008 edition of Carnival of the Godless! The previous edition was at Life Before Death and the next edition will appear at the Atheist FAQ in two weeks.

There were many excellent submissions. I’ve tried to categorize them and give useful summaries for those of you who like to skim and pick rather than read straight through.


Christian Bachmann presents a charming freethought book for kids that narrowly escaped being banned in Germany in Laugh with your kids about religion! posted at Joy of Freethinking. Thumbnails of the illustrations from the book, and an English translation are available online. (350 words.)

PodBlack reviews the three books People in Glass Houses, Unintelligent Design, and Irreligion in An ‘Unholy’ Triumvirate – Books By Levin, Williams And Paulos « PodBlack Blog posted at Podblack Blog. (1,100 words.)

Steve Snyder/SocraticGadfly doesn’t believe in Chris Hedges’ thesis in Chris Hedges calls strawman ‘New Atheists’ posted at SocraticGadfly. (250 words.)

Kelly O’Connor of The Rational Response Squad begins a merciless shredding of Vox Day’s The Irrational Atheist in Vox Day – "There is no god. Because I’m an asshole" posted at The Atheist Response. (1,900 words.)


Jim Linville pillories another seedy preacher in The Seedy Seed of Greed. Mike Murdock Goes a-Farming For a Harvest. posted at SHUFFL. (1,000 words.)


Martin Wagner gives some sound advice to frustrated theists in “What would convince you?” posted at The Atheist Experience. (700 words.)

Alonzo Fyfe discusses the meaning and value of Atheist Proselytizing posted at Atheist Ethicist. (1,600 words.)

paulmct rehabilitates the concept of Disillusionment posted at Bloggin’ Off. (450 words.)


Jeffrey Stingerstein examines the pitfalls of even moderate faith in Why Sheltering Any Faith From Criticism Is Dangerous posted at Disillusioned Words. (3,500 words.)

The Chaplain documents an audacious attempt to sidestep the need to prove the existence of God in Let’s Start With Jesus posted at An Apostate’s Chapel. (900 words.)

The Barefoot Bum incisively points out that all beliefs are not created equal in Cherished beliefs posted at The Barefoot Bum. (700 words.)


Romeo Vitelli discusses Alfred Korzybski, an early pioneer of logic and his contributions to the world (intended and unintended) in After Count Alfred posted at Providentia. (600 words.)


Greta Christina discusses why atheist morality isn’t inferior to theistic morality… but why it’s not superior, either in The Not So Logical Conclusion: On the Morality of Atheists and Believers posted at Greta Christina’s Blog. (1,500 words.)

Dale Smith continues the conversation on atheist vs. theist moralities in The Morals of Orange Blobs: Good and Bad, Belief and Nonbelief posted at faith in honest doubt. (900 words.)

Mike White takes a short delve into the social stigma of not having a soul in Morality lost with the Soul posted at Life According to Mike White. (900 words.)

John was folding his laundry when the enlightening question hit him: Are Hell-believers just assholes? posted at The Happy Human. (450 words.)

Stephen Littau discusses the latest upgrades in The Vatican Introduces New Sins! posted at Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds. (850 words.)

Ben finds himself guilty of most of the sins (old and new) in Damnation To All posted at Ben Talks… (1,100 words)

Personal Journeys

BC explores the meaning of Zeus-ism in On Titans posted at Bruises Colours. (650 words.)

CAD presents her personal deconversion story in Explaining my scarlet letter posted at VWXYNot?. (1,700 words.)


Buffy points out that Onward Christian Soldiers has taken on an entirely different meaning in recent years in Move over [Don’t Ask Don’t Tell]. Make Room for [Christianity Or Else]. posted at The Gaytheist Agenda. (1,800 words, mostly passages pulled from news articles.)

No More Mr. Nice Guy! highlights Britain’s preparations to abolish laws against blasphemy in Well, it’s about goddam bloody time! posted at No More Mr. Nice Guy! (400 words.)

vjack takes on theists who assert that atheists have no common cause in Atheism as a Civil Rights Issue posted at Mississippi Atheists. (450 words.)

vjack also calls for action against a flagrant violation of Church-State Separation in Show Your Support for Brave Mississippi Student posted at Atheist Revolution. (400 words.)


Katharine discusses the brain-science of belief in Neurotheology posted at Missives from the Frontal Lobe. (400 words.)

The Supernatural

A.C. Chase casts a skeptical eye on Christian claims of The Power of Prayer posted at Alexander the Atheist. (1,500 words.)

Former Tibetan Buddhist Dave McRitchie reveals the Karmic status of those killed in the Indian Ocean tsunami in Karma and Other Nonsense posted at The View from Here. (600 words.)

Evolved looks at the biblical origin and purpose of evil spirits in The Problem of Evil (Spirits) posted at Evolved and Rational. (300 words.)


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Here are a few of my own relevant articles I’d like to plug, some of which have appeared in previous editions of Carnival of the Godless:

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