Comments on Tumblr Articles Now Supported!

I’ve been extremely busy lately, but I still keep finding interesting/worthwhile/amusing things on the Internet. So rather than clutter up my personal blog with such stuff, which I’d like to keep for when I have something more original to say, I’ve been posting such little gems to my “tumblelog” found at

My tumblelog has seen steady action lately, and I post to it almost every day. So if you enjoy the things I’ve talked about here, you should definitely check out the other.

Anyway, I’ve discussed the details here in the past. The news today is that I’ve just added the ability to comment on posts there, so now you can express your own thoughts/amusement/disgust at what you find. Just click the “comments” link at the bottom of each post to read others’ comments or post your own.

Comments? Send a tweet to @ironwolf or use the response form.
I can’t respond to everything, but I do read everything!

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