Videos From Burning Man 2007

10-minute Time Lapse Sequence

Includes the “early burn” during Monday’s total lunar eclipse.
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The Monkey Chant

I wasn’t at this year’s Kecak, but got to participate last year when it was in Center Camp.
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Homoroborous By Day

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Homoroborous By Night

As the monkey swings, the serpent approaches holding an apple… the monkey eats the apple and the serpent. I thought that was extremely cool.
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The Light Saber Battle

Around 10,000 light sabers were given away by the event’s organizer.
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The Light Saber Battle Invades Center Camp

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Light Saber Battle: Final Celebration

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At the Top of Crude Awakening

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Crude Awakening Sculptures

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Crude Awakening Fireworks

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Crude Awakening Fireball

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Three from the Extra Action Marching Band

I first saw the Extra Action Marching Band live at Burning Man about three years ago. They have a habit of showing up in public out of nowhere for impromptu performances, and their unique combination of serious musicality and bacchanalian revelry is truly intoxicating.

Enter the Dragon

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Black Chicken

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Videos of Burning Man 2006

Here are some select videos from Burning Man 2006. No-one can see everything at Burning Man, but these are all installations I did get to see. I’ll be posting more about my experience in coming days.

15′ Walking Giraffe Robot

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Fire Dancing at the Burn

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Serpent Mother

By The Flaming Lotus Girls
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The Burninator

A 1,000-foot long string of computer-controlled propane jets
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Uchronia (“Message From the Future”)

This structure became inappropriately-nicknamed “The Belgian Waffle” due to good dissemination of the fact that its creators came all the way from Belgium just to do the massive installation, and poor dissemination of the actual name and meaning of the installation. I spoke to one of the artists who stated that they almost didn’t burn their work because people from the Burning Man Organization kept calling it by it’s (offensive) nickname.
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Uchronia Burns

Even better video available here.
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Good Citizens Know Their Rights During Law Enforcement Encounters

Busted: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters is an amazing, well-produced video (45 minutes) that should be required viewing for all U.S. citizens above the age of about 14. During routine traffic stops and other encounters, police often ask questions that amount to “idiot tests,” and which can easily lead citizens to unknowingly waive their Constitutional rights. By knowing your rights, you can help keep otherwise honest law officers from overstepping their rightful authority.

One other note: This video does depict people being caught breaking the law. As a blog entry at points out:

If we’d tried to teach the 4th Amendment without depicting petty criminality, BUSTED would be more boring than a romantic evening with abstinence enthusiast Jay Stephenson.

Whether or not you break the law, you should know your rights.

If you attend Burning Man, it is also important to review the specific guidance provide by the Burning Man Organization.

The entire video is available on YouTube (embedded below) and can also be downloaded via BitTorrent. Also, make sure you read the FAQ.

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A House Divided

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” [He was, as one commenter points out below, quoting the Bible.] Does Christianity hold a consistent world view, or is it a mass of contradictions that can be (and is) used to justify any number of obviously contradictory positions? How long can Christianity remain divided against itself?

Perhaps the most fundamental set of contradictions in Christendom has to do with differing views on salvation and what one must do to obtain it. This excellent article (off-site) lays out a nice table detailing the numerous conflicting interpretations and doctrines having to do with Christian salvation.

Hmm… I like tables.

But setting the abstractions of salvation aside for the moment, in this post I want to compare a number of sites on which self-professed Christians defend (and attack) a variety of viewpoints, lifestyles, hobbies, and predilections as either not in conflict with, or in conflict with, Christian faith. I hope to show that the Bible is hopelessly ambiguous about many aspects of how we live our lives, and is often used to justify both sides of strongly-opposing views.

If you have other examples of Christianity divided against itself in areas I haven’t already covered, post the links in the comments, and I’ll add the best ones to the table.

So you want to be a good Christian AND… Jesus sez…

Jesus sez…

…a Bodybuilder? • Christian Bodybuilder • Muscle Missions
…a Ninja Master? • Martial Arts and Christian Beliefs
• Seisho Ryu Ninjutsu Ministry
• Kickin’ It For Jesus
• Martial Arts and the Christian
• Mere Exercise or Trojan Horse?
…a Humanist? • Christian Humanism
• A Viable Option
• The Unholy Alliance
• Christianity and Humanism
…a D&D Player? • Christian D&D • Should a Christian Play D&D?
…an Evolutionist? • Christian Evolutionist Resources • Answers in Genesis
• Dinosaur Adventure Land
…an Onanist? • Christians Can Masturbate Too • Breaking the Silence on the “M” Word
…a Homosexual? • Christian Gays
• Whosoever
• Exodus International
• God Hates Fags
…a Naturist? • Naturist Christians
• Fig Leaf Forum
• Naked for Christ?
…a Burning Man Attendee? • A Pastor on the Playa? • Satan’s Birthday Party
…a Sex-Worker? • Prostitution: No Biblical Conflict
• A Proposal for a Christian Pornography
• Jesus Loves Porn Stars
• LightDancers
…a Hedonist? • Christian Hedonism • Rebuttal to “Christian Hedonism”
…a Dom (or Sub)? • Christians and BDSM • BDSM— A Christian Perspective
…support a woman’s right to choose? • Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice • Abortion and the Bible
…enjoy alcohol? • Christians and Wine • Christians and Alcohol
…go dancing? • Is it Wrong for Christians to Dance? • Shall We Dance?
…play Poker? • Poker and the Christian • Should Christians Play Cards?
…practice Yoga? • Yes to Yoga • What is Yoga?
…get a tattoo? • Christian Tattoo Association • Should Christians Wear Tattoos?
…listen to “Christian Rock?” • Christian Rock Apologetics
• Isn’t Rock Satanic?
• The Music of Devils in the Church!
• Christian Rock: Blessing or Blasphemy?
…an Actor? • Vision Gate Film
• In Perils of Drama
…celebrate Christmas? • Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? • Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
…celebrate birthdays? • Should A Christian Celebrate Birthdays? • Should Christians Celebrate Birthdays?

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The Evolution of a Place Without Context: Black Rock City Maps

Black Rock City is what Burning Man participants call their temporary dwelling in the desert. Each year it is rebuilt— a nurturing place for the simultaneous release of the creative energies of thousands— and then it is taken down and the playa meticulously cleaned by those same participants, leaving once again only the windswept lake bed.

As this annual ritual repeats, the layout of the city itself has evolved. Below I have collected an example map from each year of Burning Man from 1998 onwards. (If anyone knows of maps from previous years, I would love to include them!)

Each map is linked to the source page, which may have a much larger version.

2006 – Hope and Fear, The Future

2005 – Psyche

2004 – The Vault of Heaven

2003 – Beyond Belief

2002 – The Floating World

2001 – The Seven Ages

2000 – The Body

1999 – The Wheel of Time

1998 – The Nebulous Entity

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