FAIL and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

As the Buddha said, “Life is full of FAIL.” But once you understand and embrace the FAIL, you transcend it and realize the truth: that all is made of awesome and win.

Yes, I made that T-shirt. And you’re awesome for buying it.

Chopper of FAIL

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Implosion of FAIL

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Warning: You will grimace.
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Wheel of FAIL

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I have archived some of my favorite FAIL in this thread on my forum.

And if your thirst for schadenfreude is truly unquenchable, then be sure to add FailBlog to your RSS feeds.

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The One Ring

I had a couple requests for t-shirts of the Circular Reasoning design I posted recently, so here it is in my CafePress shop. Available in a sinister selection of dark colors.

Circular Reasoning T-Shirt

One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them…
— J.R.R. Tolkien


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I can’t respond to everything, but I do read everything!

New T-Shirt Design: Good Without God

Some claim that is impossible to be good without God. I know that’s not true— if you’re an atheist, then you are probably living proof! Publicly put the lie to this moralistic canard with this bold t-shirt, availble in unisex (4 colors) or women’s (black) styles in my CafePress shop.

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I can’t respond to everything, but I do read everything!

My CafePress Shop

A few years ago I decided to simplify my wardrobe and began wearing all black. No, it’s not out of goth motivations or anything like that. It’s just that in a darkened bedroom I can feel my way to my dresser, grab a set of clothing I know works together, and leave without waking up my wife and kids. I can also wash and put away everything the exact same way.

So— black pants, black t-shirt, black socks, and black shoes. Black dress shirt and tie when I really want to impress. Simple.

That worked well for awhile. But I missed having a little more expressiveness in my wardrobe. I used to wear a lot of t-shirts I’d acquire from various companies, and a few I bought at shops. Should I go back to wearing that motley bunch?

Why not do something more creative instead? How about becoming a walking art gallery?

So, I decided I’d make the following sartorial rule: I will continue to exclusively wear black t-shirts, which can be blank or meet one of the following criteria:

  1. They must have a design by an artist I enjoy and can talk about.
  2. If they have a corporate logo, it must either be of a corporation whose products I wholeheartedly endorse, or must rise to a kickass level of artistic merit.
  3. They must have one of my own designs on them.

I’ve never really considered myself an artist, but I have always enjoyed working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and I have a good eye for design. And now that CafePress offers custom-printed dark t-shirts, I can wear things with my own designs and even offer them to my friends if I wish.

So I created my own store. I did it for me, and I really don’t care if it generates further business. But go nuts if you like anything you see there. And if you want one of my designs on a different product that CafePress offers, let me know and I’ll try to accommodate.

The types of designs I expect to produce fall into two categories. I have always enjoyed “mystical” symbols for their layers of meaning and often quite beautiful geometry, so the first category is Geometry Sacred and Profane.

I also enjoy Dawkinsian consciousness raising, so the second category is Atheism/Freethought and includes designs I can wear around town that remind folks they’re living in a pluralistic, freethinking society. Offensive? No moreso than cross-wearing workers at Wal-Mart or kids wearing God’s Gym t-shirts.

An example of the latter category is my American Atheist design.

This design features 7 outlined stars, which represent the 14% of Americans who identify as having no religion.

So, as my muse moves me I’ll create new designs and announce them here. At least I know I have one guaranteed customer: me. :)

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I can’t respond to everything, but I do read everything!