iPhone Apps on The Big Bang Theory

Last month I was asked to be a technical consultant on an upcoming episode of the hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory (TBBT). This episode, entitled The Bus Pants Utilization, airs tomorrow, January 6, at 8:00 PM on CBS. The reason I was asked for my expertise is that I live, breathe, and sleep iPhone app development— and while the main characters in TBBT are theoretical physicists and engineers, in this particular episode they decide to write their own iPhone app. One of the things that makes TBBT unique is that the show’s creators insist that the science discussed in the series be plausible (unless the characters are actually discussing science fiction, which they do a lot.) Whiteboards are often in the scene containing the geniuses’ mad, yet completely accurate scribblings. In this case, they needed the scribblings of an iPhone app developer, and through good fortune that turned out to be me.

Prof. David Saltzman is the regular science consultant for TBBT, and publishes a blog on the science mentioned in the series: The Big Blog Theory. He has graciously offered to link people interested in learning more about the iPhone app aspect of things here to my blog, and I would be happy to field any questions in the comments. Click here for Prof. Saltzman’s article about this episode.

Professionally, I am Senior iOS Engineer for eHarmony.com (and by the way, nothing in this post or web site represents the views of my employer.) If you’d like to see the apps I’ve made on my own, click here. My current bestseller is Harp. If you’d like to find out more about my professional background, click here.

Update: Now that the episode has aired, I can mention that I designed the same app twice (once for Leonard’s version, and once for Sheldon’s take on it), including class diagrams and code snippets for both of them, and also designed another set of mockups for Penny’s “Project Shoe” app at the end. Unfortunately, my favorite board, which was a more developed version of the “Shoe” mockup, did not get a good angle in the last scene.

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