Why Does This Blog Exist?

I grew up in the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) from the time I was five. Over the years I spent attending WCG, first as a child, and later as a baptized member, I made many friends, traveled to many different places for the Feast of Tabernacles, tithed on my income, and in general did the things that WCG taught us to do.

When I became an atheist in 1995, I left WCG behind.

But I didn’t leave my history behind: WCG, its people, government, culture, politics, scandals and changes made a lasting impression on my life. A number of my friends and family still attend WCG (since renamed Grace Communion International) or its offshoots. And despite my current view of Christianity and religion in general as false, I feel I share a sense of kindred spirit with those who attended (or still attend) WCG, and especially those who grew up attending.

Much has been made in discussions on the Net and elsewhere about WCG’s various splinter groups and where those who have left the WCG ranks worship these days. But until I started this blog (long before the term “blog” was invented) I saw practically no discussion about those who have not only left the parent church, but who have left religion entirely. As non-believers, they can draw upon the considerable resources of the Net to engage in discussion groups and consider the arguments of theology vs. atheism. However, as former WCG members they, like myself, had nowhere to turn for support and the knowledge that they are not alone; which is why I decided to create this blog.

Requirements for posters: I invite you to submit your own personal story for publication here, if you were once a member of the WCG, or grew up in the WCG but were never baptized, and you now consider yourself an atheist, agnostic, humanist, unbeliever, or freethinker (please click the links to make sure you understand these terms.) Simply e-mail me with any information you would like to see posted. (Please make sure the subject line of your message includes “WCG”.) You can include your name, your general geographic region, some kind of contact information (full address, e-mail, URL), and whatever short biographical information you like. To be considered for publication, clearly state that you meet the above requirements and that you’d like to be listed. I will never post anything you send unless you explicitly request.

Requirements for commenters: Comments on this blog are moderated. I will remove any comments that I feel disturb the supportive atmosphere of this site. This especially includes preaching, quoting scripture, proselytizing posters back to the faith, etc. Start your own blog if you want to do that, and welcome to the 21st century.