Almon C. McCann

Arkansas, USA
Age: 57
Beliefs: Atheist
Sex: Sometimes
Status: Married

My mother began listening to H.W.Armstrong’s "world tomorrow" broadcast on the radio back in the 1950’s. When I was about 14 (1961) I started to read all the literature that was offered, the "Plain Truth" magazine was something that I looked forward to receiving each month. I went through the "correspondence course" in a couple of years. If I remember right, in those days there were 26 monthly lessons.

I was actually baptized into "the church" before my mother was. We were looking forward to the 1975 fulfillment of the "sure prophecy" of the "end time". Well, that didn’t happen. I left the "one true church" in 1976 but my mother remained a "faithful" follower of "God’s Apostle".

I joined the "Christadelphians" in 1978. They were strict and legalistic but at least there weren’t any "tithes" to pay. I was Christadelphian (BUSF) for many years but I had the good fortune to read some atheist literature, Atheism -The Case Against God by George H. Smith and Some Mistakes of Moses by Robert Ingersoll.

My mother died the same year that I joined the Christadelphians (1978), from refusing an operation that would have saved her life, thanks to "God’s Ministers". I had to preside over the grave side service myself – God’s Ministers were too busy to make the 120 mile trip from Little Rock to Helena, Arkansas. My mother’s name was Lorene Miller (in case anyone remembers).

I have bad memories of Armstrongism – the unnecessary death of my mother, because she trusted that "God" would heal her. Our Apostle said so, therefore, it was true. She was a year younger than I am now! I still remember the church "gestapo" going through my house before "the days of unleavened bread" and throwing away my new toaster. The poverty that my family went through over the "tithes" really burns me up!

Here I am, an atheist with more bible knowledge than the pope! I had once thought of just starting a church of my own and bring those tithes in – but my conscience tells me to destroy religion in whatever little way I can.

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One thought on “Almon C. McCann”

  1. Almon,

    Long time – no responses! And now that I locate you, your “mylittlewebsite” is not to be found. Hopefully you can still be found.

    So since I am apparently the first to comment on your post, the flag will show up in your email and you will be able to write back to me. My personal email is fine [ ]. You’re almost as old as I am and we left the church the same year, so maybe we can relate. You also may be one of those wise souls to whom I can look for input if I should choose to compile a book detailing some of our combined experiences as cult followers.

    My post was just added this month, and I have now read extensively on the site to see what many others have written before I ever heard of Robert’s terrific forum. We all have an opportunity for connection here that might at last make all the pain worthwhile. Or some of it, perhaps.

    Now that six more years have passed since your post, I’m curious about how things are going for you. Your comment about almost starting a church of your own reminded me of my own thoughts back in 1977. After a few months out of the cult mentality, I began wondering whether I might start with a small weekly radio program on Sunday mornings in Indianapolis where I was living at the time. The thought reached as far as preparing my introductory program (I still have it stashed somewhere in my old notes), but when it came right down to it, I could not handle that conscience thing either. Too bad for both of us! We could have been wealthy by now.

    No, I am happier trying to help people become better humans than trying to get paid for keeping them helpless and in the dark about life.

    Good cheer to you and I hope to hear from you,

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