Joy: Update on Survey and Call for WCG Videos

Editor’s Note: The following is an update from Joy Wallace, who posted her original story here. The call for participation in her survey is here too. I have also created an easy-to-share shortened link to the survey: Post it on your Facebook account or e-mail it to friends or family with a WCG background!

Dear Ex-WCG Friends,

I thought it about time that I give an update on my writing project, as many of you have contributed so kindly!

My goal with this project is to simply tell what I believe is one of the most exciting and unheard of stories of the 20th century, culminating in one of the most stunning events of religious history, that is, the deconstruction of a fringe religious group from within by turning it towards a culturally accepted form of religion (in this case, Evangelicalism.)  I hope to make the story accessible to curious outsiders, as well as provide insight and understanding to those who experienced Armstrongism first hand and are looking for an explanation of events to help them deal with their own confusion.

I want to thank those who took the time to fill out my survey and to pass it on to others.  I’ve had about 40 responses which is an excellent beginning.  Naturally, I would hope to hear from hundreds who have been affected by the WCG and its offshoots.  The responses I have had so far have been so heartfelt and illuminating.

One concern I have as to the results is that the survey hasn’t reached those who still cling to Armstrong’s views in one form or another.  I haven’t yet sorted out how to approach this demographic, but I feel it is important to include those who experience the WCG as a positive in their life.  And there are certainly many who do!  It is important that people understand I am not trying to write a hit piece and want those who appreciate Armstrongism today to feel they can speak to me without fear of judgment.

I don’t want to belittle anyone.  If you are still connected with those involved in Armstrongism, forwarding the survey to them would be a great help.  In the mean time, I will keep thinking of ways to approach current adherents in a non-threatening way.

My most pressing research at the moment is gathering WCG media.  Use of media was one of the defining characteristics of the WCG and so much of the Church’s work was done through radio, television, and Festival reels.  Some content is available online, but not a significant amount.  I believe it would be a historical shame if the World Tomorrow telecast and Festival reels were lost forever.

Many dutiful members recorded the World Tomorrow when it was first broadcast and I am anxious to speak to former members who may still have these on VHS.  As to the Festival reels, I am not sure where to begin searching.  I would certainly hope they have not all been destroyed.  Also, it would be wonderful to have personal photos or videos of the Church in its hay-day.

If anyone has these photos or videos available to them and would be interested in talking about sharing them for research purposes, I would love to be in touch with you!  I can be contacted at

Also, I am always happy for the opportunity to chat with people about their experiences.  I know many people have mixed feelings about their involvement with the WCG.  Rest assured, I am not out to embarrass or mock.  Please share freely.

Thanks again to everyone for their contribution.



5 thoughts on “Joy: Update on Survey and Call for WCG Videos”

  1. I was raised in the worldwide Church Of God and lived all the weird and wonderful beliefs that it offered. I am glad to be a reformed former member, but at the same time I learned a lot from this experience. The beliefs taught me to stand up for what I believed in and brought me to my loving husband and family of today. I never want to go back to that lifestyle, but am thankful that I lived and learned from it!!!


  2. I attended the WCG for a year. Many beliefs were questionable and down right wrong. Because I was new to the church and had many questions, I along with one other lady, was allowed on the fringes.
    This church had more “do not do this or that” than what you could do…truly full of controlling leadership. Marriages looked picture perfect until someone slipped and told you their family secret.
    Remainder of comment removed: preaching, proselytizing.

  3. I came across this blog, read the posts and felt compelled to write. I was a member of WWCG, from 1986-1995. Like most of the members I was very confused by the fall of the WWCG. Wasn’t this Gods True Church??
    But in the years since then and after reading about all the horror stories online that members have about WWCG the one thing that pains me the most is when someone states that He or She no longer believes in God, or Jesus and has either lost their faith or worse yet state that they are now an atheist.
    When I hear this I realize the complete an utter failure of the WWCG, better to tie a mill stone around your neck and throw yourself into the deep than to make one of these little ones to stumble goes the scripture. This church and these minsters should hang their head in shame and repent.
    Now that I have said that I find it equally confusing too understand Why? Why would you lose your faith in God because the WWCG was theologically wrong. Why would a person allow their faith to be shattered because of a man or man’s devised religions? Just because some feel duped and or abused by them shouldn’t mean God doesn’t exist. Jesus still died on the cross no matter how the WWCG looked at it. We have to work out our “OWN” faith with trembling and fear goes another scripture.
    Now I am not going to go into anything but to say, please do not allow the pain of this past to affect your future and what you once BELIEVED. Didn’t you believe in God, and Jesus? Why stop because of WWCG? We allowed them to tell us how to worship God and trusted them with what the bible said. We did not focus on God in the WWCG, we only focused on the church government, and the holy days. It is our fault as well as theirs. “The people perish for lack of knowledge”, but it is up to each and every one of us to seek God Daily.
    The “True Church” is not a denomination, institution, sect or cult. It’s a body of believers that believe in Jesus Christ. The only thing we have to do is choose. Repentance and leaning on Gods Strength are the only things that will get us anywhere. So, I am pleading with all of you who now state they have lost their faith and or call themselves Atheists because of the WWCG. Please come back to your first love and let no one take your crown, because if you continue in unbelief then your last state is worse than the first, and their failure as ministers of God’s word will be that much more complete.

  4. I wish I had saved one Waterhouse tapes. It would be interesting to listen to now. I threw away all literature and tapes when I left.

  5. I have seen some wcg videos on YouTube, a few world tomorrow broadcasts and some festival videos too, showing the young ambassadors etc.

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