Allen C. Dexter

I happened upon your website this past week and am happy to have found it. It got me in contact with Betty Brogaard, with whom I was acquainted. I knew both her and her husband, Fred.

I live in Phoenix, AZ since 1981, and the only former associate I know of here is Dr. Clint Zimmermann, under whom I worked and who now lives in Sun City. His son, Chuck, lives in Peoria, AZ, but I have had no contact with him.

Like many others, I opted out of the organization in the mid-70s and spent considerable time sorting everything out and solidifying my attitude and beliefs. Today, the best (though imperfect) term to describe me is "open-minded agnostic." I cannot believe in the god I once believed in, which is a slightly different variety of the god most of the world believes in — a vain, wrathful, illogical oriental despot.

At seventy years of age, I’m still active and productive, although technically retired. I still operate as a carpet technician doing small, one-man jobs in installation, repair and cleaning. My wife, Phyllis, and I operate a wedding ceremonies business that is reasonably successful, due in part to my ability to read and speak Spanish. A third to half of the ceremonies I do in this area are in Spanish or Spanish/English. Our website is: Although we carry the title "Rev." to legally do weddings in Arizona, neither of us is in any way religiously active.

In the event any of my former associates would like to "shoot the breeze" with "Big Al," I’d be happy to hear from them.


Allen C. Dexter

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  1. Allen, I remember you well. Hard to imagine you are 70 but glad to know that you have found your way “post-church” and you do not sound bitter. Life is just too short for that.

    I am the former Carol Judy Albert and I too have a fine life, no bitterness and am so relieved to live without any religious allegiances. I also remember Fred and Betty Brogaard and the Zimmermanns (Clint was my boss in my early days at AC) and lots of the people whose children are now posting to this site.

    I imagine that those of us from earlier days in the church has a slightly different view than those who are a generation younger. It would be hard to explain the incredible pressures that were put on us when we were so young. And I am so sorry for the horrible lives we gave them, in the name of “god” no less.

    Best wishes to you and yours!


  2. Allen again. Since my original post, I have written and published a book about my life experiences. It is entiled: Believing the Unbelieveable — Into and Out of Fanaticism. It is available from the publisher, Xlibris, or Amazon.

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