2 thoughts on “Ten Christian Lunacies”

  1. I just read the ten christian lunacies and found it to be very compelling and well-written. Growing up, both of my parents were catholic until my dad left the church to join the WCG when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My siblings and I also went to a catholic grade school. I cannot even begin to tell you how much hell (no pun intended) I went through dealing with the constant fighting between two parents that belonged to two very different religions that strongly discourage divorce. What you said about christians condemning other christians because they don’t follow the “right” rules is so completely true and it happened in my house quite often growing up. My dad would drag us to his WCG services on Saturdays, telling us how basically everything we were taught at school and Sunday mass about religion was completely wrong and my mom would end up in hell if she didn’t convert. Then on Sundays my mom would drag us to her church and tell us how the WCG is just a money scamming oppressive cult. When I turned 15 I stopped going to church completely and basically gave up on religion all together. About a year after that my dad left the WCG, my mom went to mass less and less, and now neither one of them belong to any specific religion. They are still married and since my dad left the WCG their relationship is stronger than ever. My point is, now that I’m in my 30s with a husband and kids of my own I’ve realized that my job on this earth is just to be a good person to others. I never needed a bible, a preacher or an empty threat of eternal hell fire to figure that sh*t out. And I will never ever force any religious beliefs, including atheism, on my own children. When they are old enough to decide for themselves I will love them and support them no matter what path they choose.

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