Ex-WCG Non-Believer Hosts Popular Humanist Podcast

DJ Grothe is an Ambassador College graduate and former member. But these day’s he’s a tireless advocate of science and skepticism, and the host of the leading humanist and skeptical podcast Point of Inquiry. Each week, DJ interviews thought leaders such as Michael Shermer, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott, Bill Nye, and Sam Harris to name a few.

A recent episode that featured Carl Sagan’s widow Ann Druyan (alas, poor sound quality on that particular interview) also features in its second half a must-listen recording of Sagan’s inspiring public address, “Wonder and Skepticism,” given as the keynote of CSICOP‘s 1994 conference in Seattle.

2 thoughts on “Ex-WCG Non-Believer Hosts Popular Humanist Podcast”

  1. Oh my pardon-the-expression god! DJ’s one of us? And an AC grad to boot? I listen to this podcast all the time. DJ often does seem uncommonly conversant with biblical passages, and I did figure some sort of religious training in his background, but WCG/AC?
    Small world, I guess.
    I recommend his interviews—I think there are at least two now—with R. Joseph Hoffmann regarding The Jesus Project, a sort of successor to the Jesus Seminar.

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