Shadows of WCG

I recently discovered the excellent blog Shadows of WCG. If you hung around the WCG for any length of time it will bring back vivid, often haunting memories.

5 thoughts on “Shadows of WCG”

  1. I recommend the discussion forum, as well, it’s much more “neutral ground” than the comments sections at either Ambassador Reports or Ambassador Watch.

    There are believers there, but the tendency is towards open-mindedness, and they do NOT beat the non-believers over the head with it. (They haven’t started wailing on me yet, and I’m pretty much unrepentant, as far as my non-belief goes. ;)).

    Definitely a blast from the past, and check out the photo gallery, there are pictures of all kinds of old church lit/calendars/YES lessons posted up there.

  2. Thank you for being there. I’m not ready to tell my story, but reading the stories of these good people helps a lot. I too, have been an athiest since 1997 when I left the church after 30 years as a 2nd generation alumni.

  3. I still recommend the discussion forum, but if anyone passing through is thinking about visiting the blog, it’s degenerated into a LOT of Jesus preaching lately, and such, might make you VERY uncomfortable. Just a heads-up.

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