Ronald Weinland: Armstrongist Prophet of Doom

I’d like to put an invitation out to interested readers of this blog to journey over to my personal blog, where I have recently called out a number of modern false prophets. One in particular, Ronald Weinland, has made near-term predictions for cataclysmic events of Revelation starting in April of this year. He’s attracted a lot of attention from people who are eager (or fearful) of seeing Revelation fulfilled this year, but who are also clueless to the fact that Ronald Weinland teaches a warmed-over version of Herbert Armstrong’s biblical interpretation— and they are also clueless of Armstrong’s failures. I’ve tried to educate them a bit, but you’re also welcome to observe or participate.

The original posting I did on Weinland is here. When it finally got over 250 comments I started a new thread to continue the discussion here. People are mostly arriving from Google searches on Weinland’s name.

You can see all my postings on false prophets here. (Be sure to click the post title to read the whole thing.)