Michael Savoia

Saitama, Japan

I was pleasantly surprised to find this link on the Internet Infidels page. I too, have often wondered how many of us there are who have left Worldwide not for some doctrinal dispute or dogma but simply for the fact that somehow we came to realize the errancy of all religion. For me, my 20+ years in the one and only "God’s True Church" are now a distant memory. However, as Robert McNally suggests, I agree that vestiges remain, as well as a near feeling of relatedness with "fellow formers".

I had previously posted a relatively short version of my years in the WWCG and Ambassador College, but have decided to delete most of it for a couple of reasons. One is that fact that I’ve found that it has been misunderstood or misinterpreted principally by current members of the WWCG or one of its offshoots. The theme of my previous post was simply meant to convey that questions regarding obvious contradictions either with the Bible or HWAs interpretation of it were left unanswered, and this helped me to break through the "veil of reverence" to realize that the contradictions were real. If that had not occurred, perhaps I may still have been in one of the offshoots, or offshoots of offshoots, and had to deal with the trauma of "how God could let this happen to his church", a question I’ve heard from a number of formers or currents. I am therefore very happy that the doubts occurred and that the answers were unsatisfactory. They could not have been otherwise.

Another reason for the deletion is that going into the story itself has convinced several current members (who for the most part believe that one must have been embittered to have left God’s true church, or at least their branch of it.) that it is still an important issue with which I am grappling. I don’t want to leave such a false impression. Those who feel their religion is all-encompassing tend to project that feeling of importance of their religion onto others as well. I don’t want that misunderstanding either.

The WWCG is one tiny sect among hundreds of religious groups in the world, and in that sense, going into our details of experiences in that one sometimes seems rather disproportionate. It also seems to provide confirmation to some members that their group really is the special one, the true Church of God. I don’t want to contribute to that, either.

I, like many others, wonder if mankind will ever be free of our mythologically based religions, and realize that faith is our inhibitor while doubt leads us to real understanding. Perhaps someday.

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  1. Mike,

    I enjoyed reading your post. You might remember me from AC; we went to a dance together (although I don’t remember which one. Might have been T-ball) and I still have pictures from it in one of my albums.

    I am so enjoying reading all the posts on this site; I too am a “victim,” if that’s an appropriate word, of the many controlling and often hypocritical teachings of the Church and of AC. I stayed in the church through around 1996; having grown up in it, it’s all I ever knew and it didn’t occur to me until my mid-twenties that I could think and make decisions for myself. I believed I’d be struck down by lightning or something, if I even thought about dating outside the church! As a consquence I married a man in the church whom I didn’t love, because that was what I thought it was “God’s will” for me. Although I wasn’t happy, the mantra “God hates divorce” permeated my thoughts for years. Thankfully I did finalize the divorce in 2005, but not after going thru some deep anger toward God for giving me such an unhappy lot in life after I’d “done everything right” and worshipped him selflessly all those years. I’m now quite happy living in the OKC area with my son, and am in a great relationship with a terrific guy who doesn’t associate with ANY church!

    Anyway, that’s my story. I hope you are doing well. It’s wonderful to hear from old friends.


  2. Hi, Renee!
    Most of us apparently do not check this site regularly, and although your comment was posted 3 years ago, I shall respond as if it were today.
    Yes, i do remember our date of a certain dance, and i have a nice picture of it as well!
    Sorry to hear about the semi-arranged marriage experience, but glad to hear that you are free and in another relationship now (then) and with a son as well.
    I wish you continued happiness in the future!

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