6 thoughts on “Menu”

  1. I always hate going to a restaurant with my relatives who are in UCG. They always have to know “what’s in it?” to make sure they’re not eating anything “unclean”.

  2. Or a simple trip to the grocery store taking 3 hours because my Mom had to read every single label to make sure no “pig” products (i.e. lard or whatever) had been used in making the item.

    You haven’t lived until you Mom makes a McDonald’s manager come to the front and demand to see the label for the oil the french fries were cooked in, to make sure it didn’t have any lard in it.

  3. What’s so asinine about the whole thing is that when you eat out at a restaurant, all the food is cooked on the same grill, or fried in the same vat. So, if the guy before you had pork chops or shrimp, you COGers are going to get a little bit of that “defilement” in your stomach, but not to worry. Jesus said you’ll crap it out.

  4. Warm memories of going to non-church neighbors’ homes –

    Neighbor: Would you like to stay for lunch?

    Me at 8 years old: What would we be eating?

    Neighbor: Hotdogs and jello with marshmellows in it.

    Me: Oh well, thanks for asking but I think I better go home and eat. My mom says that stuff is probably all unclean.

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