Joy: Update on Survey and Call for WCG Videos

Editor’s Note: The following is an update from Joy Wallace, who posted her original story here. The call for participation in her survey is here too. I have also created an easy-to-share shortened link to the survey: Post it on your Facebook account or e-mail it to friends or family with a WCG background!

Dear Ex-WCG Friends,

I thought it about time that I give an update on my writing project, as many of you have contributed so kindly!

My goal with this project is to simply tell what I believe is one of the most exciting and unheard of stories of the 20th century, culminating in one of the most stunning events of religious history, that is, the deconstruction of a fringe religious group from within by turning it towards a culturally accepted form of religion (in this case, Evangelicalism.)  I hope to make the story accessible to curious outsiders, as well as provide insight and understanding to those who experienced Armstrongism first hand and are looking for an explanation of events to help them deal with their own confusion.

I want to thank those who took the time to fill out my survey and to pass it on to others.  I’ve had about 40 responses which is an excellent beginning.  Naturally, I would hope to hear from hundreds who have been affected by the WCG and its offshoots.  The responses I have had so far have been so heartfelt and illuminating.

One concern I have as to the results is that the survey hasn’t reached those who still cling to Armstrong’s views in one form or another.  I haven’t yet sorted out how to approach this demographic, but I feel it is important to include those who experience the WCG as a positive in their life.  And there are certainly many who do!  It is important that people understand I am not trying to write a hit piece and want those who appreciate Armstrongism today to feel they can speak to me without fear of judgment.

I don’t want to belittle anyone.  If you are still connected with those involved in Armstrongism, forwarding the survey to them would be a great help.  In the mean time, I will keep thinking of ways to approach current adherents in a non-threatening way.

My most pressing research at the moment is gathering WCG media.  Use of media was one of the defining characteristics of the WCG and so much of the Church’s work was done through radio, television, and Festival reels.  Some content is available online, but not a significant amount.  I believe it would be a historical shame if the World Tomorrow telecast and Festival reels were lost forever.

Many dutiful members recorded the World Tomorrow when it was first broadcast and I am anxious to speak to former members who may still have these on VHS.  As to the Festival reels, I am not sure where to begin searching.  I would certainly hope they have not all been destroyed.  Also, it would be wonderful to have personal photos or videos of the Church in its hay-day.

If anyone has these photos or videos available to them and would be interested in talking about sharing them for research purposes, I would love to be in touch with you!  I can be contacted at

Also, I am always happy for the opportunity to chat with people about their experiences.  I know many people have mixed feelings about their involvement with the WCG.  Rest assured, I am not out to embarrass or mock.  Please share freely.

Thanks again to everyone for their contribution.



Introducing Silenced

We are Silenced, a new community forged by ex-members of various COG groups, most of whom were raised under the oppressive thumb of Armstrongism. Our site was forged for the expressed purpose of bringing a social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites to combat the growing COG presence on these platforms.

Our goal is to cast a layer of transparency upon the remaining splinter cults derived from the Worldwide Church of God, and to tear the curtain of secrets church leaders hide behind while they are fleecing their flocks of their livelihoods, hopes, dreams, and sanity. Silenced is waging an information campaign to alert the public of the dangers these groups pose by outlining its history along with their past and present crimes.

We have great admiration for the existing anti-COG/recovering COG community and we wish to help in whatever way we can. Robert’s blog is a fantastic resource for those with a story to tell, and the handful of other sites out there are fantastic as well. We give our heartfelt thanks to Robert for sharing this little introduction with you.

Silenced does not take a stand on any specific religious or doctrinal beliefs. Rather, we simply recognize the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong are harmful and have ruined countless lives, something that atheists, freethinkers, Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, Jews and Hindus should all be able to agree upon.

We recognize the risks inherent for some to publicly show their support for a site that stands against Armstrongism, especially those who may still have strong connections to these cults, but nevertheless, we have a newly-launched Facebook fan page and a Twitter account where people can keep tabs on our progress and any new content.

Thank you all and best of luck! :)

Forum and Chat Room Now Open

Due to the steadily rising traffic coming to my personal blog (in particular to discuss the ex-WCG false prophet Ronald Weinland), and the wide variety of topics being discussed in the ill-suited blog comments format, I’ve recently added a community forum to host open-ended discussion, and a Flash-based chat room, for live conversation of breaking topics. And today I’ve started a sub-board on the forum specifically for conversation among Ex-WCG non-believers. Please bookmark, join, and participate!

Click here to visit the Ironwolf Forum.

Click here to visit the just-opened Ex-WCG Non-Believers board.

Click here to visit the board dealing specifically with Ronald Weinland.