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Most of the action on my site is now in my blog and my tumblelog. I invite you to visit!

Welcome to my philosophy page! Here is where I share philosophical thoughts that interest me. As always, I'm happy to receive comments and inquiries on my pages.

+ Atheism
"Atheism brings me up to zero, and then things like humanism or feminism or social issues give me a purpose in life to go on and make this world a better place." --Dan Barker, former evangelical minister
  • Having been raised in Christianity, and once having believed in "God", no one could feel more surprise than I as I now find myself disbelieving all the theology I once learned. However, in retrospect I find my shift logical, and remain deeply in love with life, and committed to my friends and family, tolerance towards those who believe differently, and the human ability to perceive rational truth. If you would like to find out more about modern atheism, The Atheism Web provides a thoughtful introduction. Also, before writing to me to argue about (or even just inform me of) the existence of a deity, you would do well to familiarize yourself with the arguments on this page and this page.

  • An essential tool in anyone's brain is logic. Common errors in logic are known as fallacies. To raise the quality of debate on the Internet, the Atheism Web provides a tutorial on essential logic and fallacies.

  • In 1997 I wrote a review E. Calvin Beisner's book Answers for Atheists. Mine is the oldest one, dated May 17, 1997. Originally it had my name on it, but appears to have lost it. The Secular Web has also archived my review.

  • Here is my account of my philosophical journey into atheism.

  • Here is my blog wherein I provide non-believers who grew up in my childhood religion, the Worldwide Church of God, a safe space to recount their stories.

  • If you've also lost your faith, but still have that "metaphysical urge", you might want to check into The Church of the Subgenius, The Principia Discordia, and Worship Wonko. Note: For their own safety, the easily-offended or humor-impaired should not enter these sites unless wearing a sensory deprivation tank. Read 'em anyway and feel offended? So sorry, but you should know a few things about satire, parody, and freedom of speech.

  • The mission of the Reverend Jim Huber's web site: "Produce and maintain a web site which results in an average of one email a day telling me how cool I am, and one a week telling me I'm going to hell." Don't miss his insightful parable, Kissing Hank's Ass.

  • On a more serious note, for those who have lost their faith (and also for those who never had one in the first place!) one of the most serious problems is the absence of a community of support within the church environment. In fact, some studies have linked church attendance with a better and longer life due to that social support system. In the past, nonbelivers have suffered in relative isolation. However, a trend just beginning offers hope: The Church of Freethought offers a "filet of religion", including community activities, discussion groups, freethought "sermons", and a community of friendly folks, without the "trappings" of theism. The North Texas Church of Freethought seems to have started the trend, and it looks like they're on to something. Look for other freethought churches to spring up as time goes on!

  • The Secular Web has archived an article on atheism I wrote: McNally's Challenge. I have also updated it: McNally's Challenge, 10th Anniversary Edition.

  • One of the best religion sites I have found on the Web is The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. They have factual essays on a huge number of religions (and even the non-religion of atheism,) and balanced presentations of many hot religious topics.

  • + Skepticism

    I strongly recommend Carl Sagan's book The Demon Haunted World. It is a valuable reality check for anyone who believes there is a reality. Truly one of the most important books of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    + Libertarianism

    I have come to believe that authoritarian structures (such as the church or state) will never do a better job of taking care of individuals than they themselves can once they learn to affirm their personal sovereignty, take responsibility for their lives, share common resources, and avoid the use of force except in self-defense. Is there more to politics than the two party system? You bet! Take the World's Smallest Political Quiz and find out where you really stand.

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    Most of the action on my site is now in my blog and my tumblelog. I invite you to visit!